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Germany: Radical Muslims dress up as "Rockers" to fool the Infidel and to push Islam

 Germany: Radical Muslims dress up as "Rockers" to fool the Infidel and to push Islam

Jetzt kommen die Salafisten-Rocker

Enlarge The folder copy the cowls design of the Hells Angels: Now come the Salafist Rocker
Only the pants does not fit: Otherwise this looks like a Salafist Rocker
Bonn - From a distance they look like Hells Angels ...
The strong men wear a red logo on the wide cross. Two white semicircles hold an icon in their midst. Hooded jackets like Rocker cowls!
So watch the Salafis now their events.
Saturday lunch in Bonn. The well-known hate-preacher Pierre Vogel (35) has launched its supporters in the district of Tannenbusch. On a truck, he tells the story of Islam. Around 200 people came. Almost as many police officers watch the event.

Enlarge Pierre Vogel on a stage before an audience
Pierre Vogel swaggered around 200 followers

Photo: Mario youth
Most notable are the folders. Under the rocker group design is "Street Dawah" - a term used by Salafis for distributing Korans. These bold the number "47". Perhaps an allusion to the sura 47 of the Qur'an.
In it, is called to the "infidels" in the battle down to fight. Also, their works would destroy Allah.
For the police , the rocker-Shirts are new. "The fact that Salafis as Hells Angels run around, we have never seen," said an official told Bild.

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Second post from a friend of CDL Christian from Syria "Max"

Second post from a friend of CDL Christian from Syria "Max"

( Nothing in this communication has been changed)
 it's long story , and need many days with chat

but i know all countries afraid from these monster to back , for that they send massage to syrian government for help to kill them here , and maybe they have something under the table now...

but the problem what united nation do , they chose form syrian people and send them to Europe and these people they live already in the desert or i can say almost they are from there and most of them they have in his mind that devil what's call al qaida it's mean by small support to these people they begin to change to that monster , i try to write my name and family name as Catholic christian family but they don't register our names , from all christian they take only Syriacs , and they are already small in Syria and chose Muslim and let him travel to Europe

this big subject and i try to let anyone Research and investigation for this but no one need to lesson

for the nun's , i think tomorrow Syrian Army will finish to clean mallola from these monster and maybe they have information where they are now and try to save them , we pray for nun's life and also there is around 20 Girls Orphanage with nun's , may our lord save them all and give the power to our army to finish terrorism in Mallola fast , These barbarians attacked and they are estimated in the thousands monster , and our army there maximum like 100 Soldier , so what can they do first day they kill 27 Soldier from our army and the have new weapon they get from The approval from Obama from Saudi Arabia

and last thing i must say now for two reason , first, i don't know for tomorrow if i stay alive and because i read what the media in the west wright ,,,, Hezbollah now with the Syrian army fighting al-Qaeda in Syria also we have christian man in our army , this many words you can't read in west media , they showing Iran it's the devil but the truth the king of devil he's in Saudi Arabia

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First message from Christian in Syria from "Max" to CDL and other Christians in the West

 First message from Christian in Syria from "Max" to CDL and other Christians in the West

We have been in contact with various Christian Syrians we will be publishing these letters if they agree in an anonymous way on their approval

We will not be altering messages or syntax but posting message as is

we will call him "Max" for his protection, but that is not his real name

"i Beg you sir to put my message to reach people can hear it

you can use any name and any picture but most important for who read my words knows it's from christian man in Syria , he care his brothers life in Europe and America and always Knocks bells what's tomorrow hide for christian , and if you ask all the christian in Syria you get same answer , we pay everyday blood from this terrorist and we know and live with normal Muslim people from long time even they Occupy our land when the islam arrived Syria from long time but we know how they think and we can dealings with them , our lord don't teach us how we kill the others , Jesus learned us love and peace to all

we all believe in Jesus and we know Christ is the Redeemer and i must to stay sending message to let everyone knows the truth , media don't always write the truth .

who crucifixion Christ's in the past

Wants crucifixion us again, but this time by Muslim hands not by his own hands"



We will have second installment tomorrow

Munich: Police arrest 30-year-old Jordanian asylum seeker spraying "Allahu Akbar, Holy War" on Renaissance church

The police arrested a man who, using a high-gloss paint spray, sprayed the words "God is great, holy way" in Arabic on the St. Michael church.

Old town - On Thursday afternoon, in the middle of the pre-Christmas shopping rush, a man sprayed the entrance door of the St. Michael church in the pedestrian zone with Arabic characters. "God is great, holy war" the asylum seeker wrote with high-gloss white paint on the door of the Renaissance church.

The police arrested the man.

By chance, passers-by noticed how the man unpacked his spray tin and sprayed the church. The eye witnesses spoke to two police officers who were patrolling between the Christmas market stalls.

The police stopped the sprayer, checked his details and established that he was a 30-year-old asylum seeker from Jordan.

He not only damaged the church. He also infringed his residency obligations. The asylum home where he is accommodated is located in Unterallgäu.

According to police spokesman Damian Kania, after questioning the man, the police put him back on the train to Unterallgäu.

There were three similar acts in Augsburg in the previous week. [See here.] On Wednesday night, the gates of the cathedral, the Ulrich church and the church of Saint Moritz were sprayed with white paint. Here, too, each time, it said in Arabic characters: "Allah is great"

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UK: Muslim Grooming: How big is the iceberg?

Middlesbrough grooming case: How big is the iceberg?

Girl with head in hands
After a group of men were found guilty of sexually exploiting teenage girls on Teesside, child protection experts have warned how dozens of other youngsters in the area are being groomed for sex.
Offers of takeaway food, drugs and free lifts.
Hundreds of messages via Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger.
All were ingredients in what has been branded "the big con" used to persuade underage girls to allow older men to take advantage of them in Middlesbrough.

'Sick to the stomach'

silhouette of woman
The mother of one of the 14-year-old victims in the Middlesbrough grooming case told BBC News how it affected her life.
"I felt sick to the stomach that a grown man had had sexual intercourse with my baby - at the end of the day she's only a child.
"You could tell she was a child and he knew she was a child. I felt physically sick, so much so that I stopped going to bed and started sleeping in my living room.
"I'm still sleeping there now. I lock my door on a night and I sleep in the living room.
"If anyone tries to get into my house the first person they will be greeted with is me so I know my child is safe, she's upstairs away from it all and she can't get out either.
"It's turned my life upside down, I don't trust anybody anymore."
Taxi driver Shakil Munir, 32, and 17-year-old Ateeq Latif were found guilty of sexually exploiting girls at Teesside Crown Court.
Another man, Sakib Ahmed, 19, admitted his part in the abuse that saw victims "targeted" for sex.
The group were described by prosecutors as "loosely connected" while some of their victims were also known to each other.
Following the trial, which heard evidence in relation to seven alleged victims, experts have conceded the extent of the grooming problem is difficult to measure.
Cleveland Police confirmed it has a number of "live investigations" and the charity Barnado's is aware of at least 160 girls, some as young as 12, currently at risk.
Wendy Shepherd, the charity's children's service manager in the North East, said: "There are over 160 people that we're working with and we're aware of across Teesside.
"This is not one-off sexual abuse of a child within a family, we're talking about groups of men who abuse young teenage girls."
Ms Shepherd said one of the "great problems" is that victims do not realise what is happening to them until it is too late.
"They don't see the grooming," she said.
"They don't see the huge con to get them to have sex with many people at the will of the man that has become their boyfriend.
"They really want to believe in the goodness that actually he wouldn't really treat me that way, he wouldn't want to harm me."
Shakil Munir  
Taxi driver Shakil Munir denied five charges
Mark Braithwaite, chair of the Middlesbrough Safeguarding Children Board, said it was difficult to judge the extent of the problem because many of those involved often "didn't see themselves as victims".
"Some people, often for the first time in their lives, have received some affection, or what's perceived as being affection, they've been showered with gifts, perhaps mobile phones, drink and drugs in many cases.
"The exploitation starts right at the outset and it's perhaps not until much further down the journey that some of these victims realise that they've been exploited."
Mr Braithwaite acknowledged that although some of the victims were from the same school, grooming on Teesside was far from isolated.
"It is a bigger problem. Not just here in Middlesbrough but elsewhere in the country.
"The difficulty is, how do you assess how big the iceberg is and are you dealing with the tip of the iceberg?
"One thing I'm sure of is that the more proactively you go looking for it, you will find it.
"Any area that says it hasn't got a problem is naïve and isn't looking hard enough."


Germany: Augsburg: Churches vandalized with "Allahu Akbar"

Germany: Augsburg: Church vandalized with "Allahu Akbar" 

By the Religion of Ingrates and Vandals  

Google Translate

  On the night of Thursday, the portals of several churches in the city center of Augsburg were smeared with Arabic "Allahu Akbar" lettering. According to the findings of the Police of Augsburg Cathedral, the Church of St. Maurice and the Protestant Church Ullrich are affected. Am Dom both the north and the south porch were painted with white paint. We can not imagine a mosque would have been affected. Claudia Roth would long ago have organized a candlelight vigil for the "Islamophobic attack" in her hometown and called for an alliance against law. Thus, the "nocturnal scribblings" remain a small footnote in the Augsburger Allgemeine (with photos) and the BR and will soon disappear into oblivion.


UK holds talks with terrorists and murders of Christians in Syria

Britain holds first face-to-face talks with Islamists fighting Assad

As secular groups lose control of opposition, western allies reach out to hardliners in hope they can find common cause

Britain and its western allies have held their first face-to-face talks with Islamist factions fighting President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, including militant groups demanding a hardline Sharia state, as the secular forces they previously backed lose ground.
The meeting was held in the Turkish capital, Ankara, officials said, as the western alliance grows increasingly alarmed by the strength of jihadist, al-Qaeda-linked factions that now dominate parts of rebel-held territory.
The western alliance is hoping that non al-Qaeda Islamist groups will form a common cause with the secular Free Syrian Army and the western-backed Syrian National Coalition, despite their deep ideological differences. However, they have previously refused to back several of these Islamist groups for fear that arms sent to moderate groups will just leak to the extremists.


Australia: Muslims try to rip off Infidel's cash machine for "Allah" and Jihad

Ram-raid Muslim radicals - police fear crimes are funding Syrian war fighters

COUNTER-terrorism officers have charged a figurehead of last year's Muslim riots and infamous Sharia "whipping" case over an attempted ATM ram-raid in Sydney's north.
Wassim Fayad, 46, one of two head spokesmen during the riots, was arrested at 7.30am last Friday at Auburn and charged over the failed ram-raid involving at least two other men at North Ryde on May 15.
The investigation, kept under wraps until now, has been continuing for several months, running at the same time as another case with the Joint-Counter Terrorism Team examining a syndicate sending young Australian Muslims to fight in the Syrian civil war. Police also have been investigating Fayad's activities to see whether he has any connection with the Syrian syndicate.
While the ATM attack would normally be left with local authorities, counter terror police are understood to have led the investigation because of their interest in how the alleged assailants had planned to spend the proceeds of the crime.

Tangled web Muslim

In 2011, Fayad was one of two central leaders at the infamous riots in Sydney's CBD though he worked with police and made public statements to try to quell the angry crowd.
Earlier that year he told The Sunday Telegraph after the death of Osama bin Laden that the 9/11 master­mind "died a martyr".
Fayad is presently on bail, a court heard last week, awaiting the outcome of an appeal against a two-year sentence he received for his role in whipping a Muslim convert who confessed to drinking alcohol and taking drugs in 2011.
The new charge, laid by the Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics Command, is over the aggravated break and enter on a shopping centre at Waterloo Rd, North Ryde - his bail was revoked after the charge was laid.
The incident involved a four-wheel drive and a van driven into the shopping centre about 4am. Police will allege the four-wheel drive was used to ram two ATMs before Fayad and at least two others allegedly tried to access the cash inside. They left empty-handed.
Fayad was also charged last week by the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad with being an accessory after the fact in an unrelated attempt to murder case - he appeared in court on both charges.
That accessory charge was laid following an investigation into the attempted murder of a man outside the Aarows sex club at Rydalmere, on May 1, two weeks before the alleged ATM attack.


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UK: Fiyaz Mughal director of "Tell Mama" defends Muslim Radicals

Government crackdown on radicals 'will lead to attacks on Muslims'

Under the proposals, Islamist radicals face being expelled from mosques, Muslim community groups and universities in a fight-back against fundamentalism

A group that monitors attacks on Muslims said it was preparing for an upsurge of violence as a result of the moves being announced today by David Cameron.
Under the Prime Minister’s proposals, Islamist radicals face being expelled from mosques, Muslim community groups and universities in a fight-back against fundamentalism.
The courts would be given new civil powers – similar to Asbos – to ban suspected extremists from preaching or indoctrinating others.
At the same time internet companies have been asked to block terrorist material from overseas being accessed in this country.
The measures were proposed by the Prime Minister’s extremism task force – which included ministers, community groups, the police and the security services – set up after the killing of Lee Rigby.
Last night Fiyaz Mughal, the director of Tell Mama, which records anti-Muslim incidents, said he feared Mr Cameron’s announcements would reinforce negative perceptions of Muslims.
Mr Mughal said he had asked extra staff to be on standby because of an anticipated surge in hate attacks. He added that the new rules should cover all forms of extremism, including the activities of the far right.
“There has to be parity and not a feeling that Muslims are being singled out,” he said.

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Syria: 'Crimes against humanity' in Christian town says MP

Syria: 'Crimes against humanity' in Christian town says MP

Rome, 3 Dec. (AKI) - A Syrian MP has urged the world's nations and Pope Francis to stop "crimes against humanity" in the historic Christian town of Maalula, which activists said was captured by rebels on Monday.
"The true crime against humanity in Syria is in Maalula," Christian MP Maria Saddeh told Adnkronos International (AKI), a day after the United Nations implicated Syria's authoritarian president Bashar al-Assad in war crimes.
"Sixteen nuns have been kidnapped, civilians are being killed and a monastery and 60 houses were burnt down yesterday," said Saddeh, who was elected to parliament as an independent.
"A massacre in taking place and the West cannot look on. Nations and the Pope must intervene."
"Maalula is a global symbol of Christianity, part of Syrian and world heritage, where Aramaic is still spoken, where there are churches, monasteries and early Christian archaeological sites," she stressed.
Syrian rebels including the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front and other jihadist groups overran Maalula north of Damascus after after five days of intense fighting, UK-based monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Monday.
The Observatory claimed that at least 126,000 people have died in the two and a half year conflict between rebels and pro-Assad forces.

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Rape Jihad: Sweden: Muslim immigrants raped over 300 Swedish children in seven months of 2013

Muslim immigrants raped over 300 Swedish children in seven months of 2013


In the first seven months of 2013, over 1,000 Swedish women reported being raped by Muslim immigrants. Over 300 of those were under the age of 15. The number of rapes is up 16% compared to 2012 numbers.
From Swedish Public Radio…
Antalet polisanmälningar om våldtäkt i Stockholms län har ökat med 16 procent hittills i år. En stor del av ökningen gäller våldtäkt av unga flickor.
Det är Brottsförebyggande Rådet, BRÅ, som tagit fram statistik som publiceras idag.
Drygt 1 000 våldtäkter har anmälts i länet under årets första sju månader.
En stor del av ökningen gäller våldtäkter av flickor under 15 år.
Enligt BRÅ har polisen i länet fått in 300 sådana anmälningar hittills i år.

Tomorrow our own President of CDL Jan Rennie will be on "Restore Australia" Radio

Tomorrow our own President of CDL Jan Rennie will be on "Restore Australia" Radio 


Join me on air tomorrow morning at 6 am Brisbane EST. Jan A England will join me to discuss our fight against islam.

Use this time converter to work out what time we are on air in your country:


Mike Holt is the CEO of Restore Australia, Author of the Beware Halal Sticker Campaign, and a Dedicated Global Partner in the fight against The Scourge ~ and educating us in the West. Listen closely ~ and be apprised ~ Mike does not tolerate fools and dhimmis.

Australia: Traitorous Muslms hating the West *Video*


UK: "Traitor May" to outline "anti-extremism" plans with no mention of Islam.

 But of course not Muslim Grooming and rape this will be aimed at the EDL and other patriotic groups

Theresa May to outline "anti-extremism" plans

Theresa May  
Theresa May will decide which of the taskforce's plans to adopt
Home Secretary Theresa May is to set out measures to tackle extremism and radicalism, following the findings of a taskforce set up by the government after the killing of soldier Lee Rigby.
Among the recommendations are powers to ban groups that preach hatred.
The taskforce also suggests those who spread extremist views should be dealt with in the same way as people who commit anti-social behaviour.
And it says there could be help for areas with "integration challenges".(LOL)
Prime Minister David Cameron set up the cabinet-level Extremism Task Force in June, following the killing of Fusilier Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London, in May.
Its recommendations include:
  • giving the home secretary powers to ban groups that preach hatred, if that is what the police advise
  • consulting on whether people who attempt to spread extremist views should be treated in the same way as those who indulge in anti-social behaviour, such as being banned from getting in touch with those whom they are seeking to radicalise and prevented from entering schools or colleges 

Naive Norway plans Halal "Ham" that Muslims can eat at Christmas

Muslims in Norway will be able to follow local Christmas food traditions this year, after a butcher unveiled the country’s first halal reindeer meat.
Harry Dyrstad, owner of specialist wildlife abattoir Vilteksperten, north of Trondheim, enlisted the help of a certified halal butcher and has 100 reindeer ready to be sent off to the shops.
The butcher has had interest from as far afield as Dubai, and he is looking forward to bringing reindeer to the previously unexplored Muslim market.  

Roasted Rudolph: A Norwegian abattoir has slaughtered more than 100 reindeer which have been given the seal of approval by the country's Islamic Council
Roasted Rudolph: A Norwegian abattoir has slaughtered more than 100 reindeer which have been given the seal of approval by the country's Islamic Council

After invitation from Mr Dyrstad, the Islamic Council of Norway visited the abattoir and has given their seal of approval on the reindeer meat.
Mr Dyrstad is currently in the process of butchering the animals to send them off to shops around Norway, but says he plans on exploring other markets.

Turkey threatens Greece over mosque construction in Athens

Istanbul seminary 'stays shut' until Athens mosque is opened

The Greek Orthodox Halki Seminary in Istanbul will not be re-opened until the Fethiye Mosque in Athens is opened for prayers, a senior figure of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has said.

The Greek Orthodox Halki Seminary in Istanbul will not be re-opened until the Fethiye Mosque in Athens is opened for prayers, a senior figure of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has said.
“Do not have a doubt, Turkey has not taken a step to re-open Halki Seminary and it will not take a step until Greece, who did not hold up the promise it gave in Lausanne, opens Fethiye Mosque in Athens,” Metin Külünk, deputy chair of the party’s Foreign Affairs and Istanbul deputy, said Dec. 1 in Germany’s Witten, where he attended a meeting held by Western Thrace Turks Solidarity Association.

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Germany: "Allah" crazed Muslims attack Christians, police do nothing.

Via Google translate 

Cologne: Aggressive disturb Muslims Protest against Persecution of Christians - Police looking idly to

DemoKöln8 If one has such a day behind, as we yesterday in Cologne in the shadow of the beautiful cathedral, but under very unpleasant circumstances, you can get very brooding. From a success one can safely speak, when one remembers that many people heard our words and have read our signs, but it is a success with a weird bitter aftertaste. The operational control of the police has exposed us knowingly violence and aggression by angry Muslims and has only towards the end, as very many attacks were happening, but still somehow done their job - but it has by its inaction conscious life and limb of our demonstrators massively risk.
(By Sebastian Nobile)
About 50 people came to support the difficult topic of "persecution of Christians" (see notice) , which organized our non-partisan and independent alliance against persecution of Christians in Cologne. As distinguished speakers we could Michael Mannheimer welcome the councilor of the City of Cologne, Jörg Uckermann of Pro Cologne stood as with the last rally for a good cause on the spot and we were able to initially convey information in a more quiet atmosphere.
The police kept discreetly in the background and there were no barriers, which ensures our cause is also more because you can get in touch with the people.
However, the police did so much in the background that they completely let ourselves in situations brenzligsten alone because contact we had this afternoon more than one or the other was sweet. I could even watch a handful of physical abuse by angry Muslims around against my girlfriend, but also against Jörg Uckermann and others and had to partially ward, as well as one of our folders had to make an aggressive guy on the ground who wanted to damage the speaker system. As the situation has always been tumultuous and threatening because individual hysterical Muslims and Muslim women hit, screamed and went off into piles aggressively on our Demonstration participants, I asked several times about the very loud speaker system, the police, to take us now in protection, where I mentioned the attacks . It happened: Nothing.


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UK: Police freak out over bacon attack!

Wear a Burka next time and do not get caught police will never dare check you.



Police not worried about "Muslim Groomers"

Police appeal for help after Asian man has raw bacon thrown at him in 'abhorrent' attack

POLICE are investigating a racially motivated incident after a man threw a large piece of raw bacon at an Asian service station attendant.

Meat, Raw bacon, Asian Man, Ormskirk, Bacon, Asian, Hate crime, Wigan, CCTV, manchester, police, Wigan ATTACK: Police are appealing for information after an unknown man carried out the shocking and unprovoked attack [POLICE HANDOUT]
A CCTV still of the masked man throwing the meat has been released and officers are urging anyone who recognises the offender to come forward.
The incident took place at the Pemberton Service Station on Ormskirk Road in Wigan at around 4.30am on 25 November 2013.
Police Constable Roy Lunio said: "Because of the connotations attached to the meat and the fact it was deliberately thrown at an Asian man, we are treating this as a racially motivated crime.


EDL video 2 plus 2 equals 5

Muslim demonstrators led by Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary protest outside the Angola Embassy in London.

Muslim demonstrators led by Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary protest outside the Angola Embassy in London. Angola has been accused of banning Islam after most of the country's mosques have been closed and reported intimidation against veiled women



Friday, November 29, 2013

Scotland: Plans to make a Mosque on a school grounds where White girls can be "Muslim Groomed" causes concern

Plans to build a mosque near a new secondary school are being consulted on by a council. Parents claim the land suggested for the place of worship is not suitable because it belongs to Eastwood High School, which is non-denominational. The growing Muslim community in Newton Mearns and surrounding East Renfrewshire claim there is a need for a mosque in the area and the proposed site would suit their needs. East Renfrewshire Council is consulting on the proposals as part of a local development plan. The proposed site for the religious facility is on the edge of the grounds of the high school in Capelrig Road, Newton Mearns. It follows from a recent planning appeal upheld by the Scottish Government reporter in the area, to allow temporary change of use of a former British Legion club to be a place for Muslim prayer services in Langrig Road.rel="image_src"


UK: Threat of Pig's head gets hundreds of Muslim children "evacuated"

A little bit of overreaction? 

   Christian Joseph St Hillaire leaves Kirklees Magistrates' Court

A man who caused hundreds of children to be evacuated from a mosque after claiming he had put a pig’s head inside the premises has appeared in court.
Christian Joseph St Hillaire, of Fenay Lane in Almondbury, was at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court, Huddersfield, yesterday.
He had admitted a charge of racially aggravated threatening behaviour at an earlier hearing.
The court heard the incident at the Hanfia Mosque in Lockwood happened on January 30.
Prosecutor Andy Wills said that earlier that month a pig’s head had been found on a spike on railings outside the Bentley Street mosque. This was removed by mosque secretary Mohammed Imran before anyone else could discover it.
Three weeks later Mr Imran received a call from St Hillaire which he found distressing.
The prosecutor said: “He (St Hillaire) said: ‘I’ve put another pig’s head inside the mosque, you need to get everyone outside.”
Mr Wills said that at the time there were about 200 children inside the mosque. The mosque was evacuated but staff told children they were carrying out a fire drill.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sweden: Police found Somali Muslim raping dead woman, claimed it was consensual

 And not charged with Murder...

A 34-year-old man from Somalia accused of raping a dying woman in a garage in Stockholm. According to the prosecutor died the woman during the rape, but the man chose to continue the abuse. Prosecution has also been brought for breaching the peace of the grave.

It was early in the morning of 27 September. Police received an alarm that the two men were having intercourse with a woman who was completely unconscious on the floor of a parking garage under the Sheraton Hotel in Vasagatan in Stockholm.

When police arrived at the scene they found a 34 year old man from Somalia, who was in the midst of an anal intercourse with the woman. Police checked the woman's pulse and found that she was dead.

The man was arrested by police and detained two days later by the Stockholm District Court, on suspicion of aggravated rape. The prosecutor had asked for him to be arrested for murder, but the district court found that the evidence for the suspicion was not strong enough.

Now the 34-year-old is charged with rape and crimes against the peace of the grave. According to the indictment, the woman was alive but helpless on the ground, such as from the influence of drugs and alcohol, when the man began anal intercourse with her. The prosecution alleges that the woman died during the sexual intercourse and the man then proceeded to have sex with the dead body.



UK: London: 159 sex offenders "Missing" many have returned to their Islamic "home country"

London authorities lose track of 159 sex offenders

Some 160 sex offenders being managed by authorities in London are missing, figures released show.
Ninety six are believed to be living abroad while the rest are wanted for breaching notification requirements.
Conservative London Assembly member Tony Arbour said Londoners would be alarmed that 159 criminals "such as rapists and paedophiles" were lost.
The Met Police says the number varies because the information is dynamic and will change as arrests are made.
'Returned home' Under the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (Mappa), the national probation service, HM Prison Service and the Met are responsible for managing serious sexual and violent criminals once they complete their sentence.
The figures were released to Mr Arbour by the Met under the Freedom of Information Act.

If some of the 'wanted' offenders have left the country, as the police say, what is to stop them from re-entering our borders?”
Tony Arbour London Assembly member
In the response, the force said it believed 96 of the offenders were living abroad, with many having returned to their "home" country.
Mr Arbour said: "Londoners will be alarmed that the authorities are losing serious criminals such as rapists and paedophiles who may commit further crimes.
"If some of the 'wanted' offenders have left the country, as the police say, what is to stop them from re-entering our borders?"

Muslim Grooming "Not about Muslims or Asians" says Vicar speaking from Mosque

Reverend Jonthan Pritchard speaks at mosque open day

The Reverend Jonathan Pritchard is urging people in Keighley to stay united when a child grooming trial begins next year  
The Reverend Jonathan Pritchard is urging people in Keighley to stay united when a child grooming trial begins next year
More than 40 arrests have been made during almost 20 ongoing investigations into child sexual exploitation by grooming gangs in the Bradford district.
Police yesterday revealed that 18 investigations into child sexual exploitation by such gangs were ongoing across the Bradford district and 41 arrests had been made so far.
A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “As yet, there have been no charges, or trials pending, but these are all live investigations.”
The spokesman added that officers in Keighley and Bradford had been undertaking a complex operation to catch those responsible for child sexual exploitation since November 2012. Most are currently on bail.

“It will put us under great pressure.”
Addressing dozens of people during an open day at Keighley’s Emily Street Mosque, he said: “That is why we need to meet together like this, so we can face this as a united people.
“Grooming is not about Asians or Muslims – it’s about individuals doing despicable things. These individuals have been condemned in the mosques without reserve, and we stand united with the mosques in saying that this is wrong.”


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In the capital of Crete, churches vandalized and icons burned by Muslims

     Cases of vandalism in churches of Heraklion and graffiti in Arabic left by criminals, which have become more frequent, are causing the authorities and the Archdiocese of Crete serious concern, reports Sedmitza.ru, citing the Greek agency Romphea.
Another crime of this kind has been committed in a very small church of St. Marina not far from the village of Avgenika.
As it was in the previous cases, the criminals or criminal acted in the same way. The icons inside the church were removed from the walls, stacked on the altar, then doused with an inflammable liquid and set on fire, reports the Patris newspaper.
Moreover, the criminals or criminal left graffiti on the walls in Arabic or in some other Oriental language.

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France: Church torched in Muslim area

On Sunday night, the Saint Vincent-de-Paul church in the Ozanam district [of Carcassonne] was the target of a fire that was set deliberately. Objects of the liturgy were destroyed. The fire also damaged the choir and the sacristy.

"Whenever a synagogue or a mosque is touched, there is always a forceful and determined expression of indignation". His face hardened and his voice serious, Jean-Claude Pérez expressed forceful condemnation yesterday afternoon of "this scandalous and intolerable act" target the chapel of Saint Vincent de Paul on Sunday night. "It is scandalous in my opinion that acts like this, when a church is harmed, are treated as banal," the deputy-mayor thundered again, in front of the religious objects blackened by the flames and warped by the effect of the heat.

...Although the firemen were able to limit the propagation of the flames, there was significant damage to the interior of the building. However, the concrete structure was able to prevent the total incineration of the chapel.

Installed in a "sensitive" quarter, the Saint Vincent-de-Paul church has never been threatened specifically. "A few times we had small stones put in the locks, but never anything serious," recalls the churchman. "Kids' games!" picks up the deputy mayor, "but these are no longer kids' games."

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Monday, November 25, 2013

A message from the Polish Defence League to Muslims

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Preventing White Genocide: Paul Weston

Paul Weston, Chairman of Liberty GB, speaks about the demographic threat facing the British and European peoples.

Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Beaten in Prison

U.S. military families the world over celebrated when news got out that Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan had his beard forcibly shaved when he reported to prison back in August of 2013, to be housed until he is executed.
Due to political correctness and the fear of offending his Islamic beliefs, Hasan was allowed to wear his beard, an act in and of itself which made a mockery of the U.S. legal system, after he murdered 13 soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas in 2009. The act would be the largest terrorist attack on a U.S. base, had Hasan’s actions not been labeled “work place violence” by a politically correct U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama administration that feared payout damages to victim’s families had the act been labelled an act of terror.
Hasan, a Muslim, claimed he was killing U.S. soldiers set to deploy to Afghanistan to protect his fellow Muslims, but the politically correct U.S. government did not want to be confused with such facts, because they had their minds already made up. Work place violence! Leave it alone!
If Hasan thought he was having a bad day when he had his beard forcibly shaven when he entered prison, his concept of a bad day got worse last week when, according to rumors coming out of Leavenworth, he had been beaten by three other inmates.

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BIZARRE SCENES IN BLACKBURN AS HALF NAKED MUSLIMS MARCHED THROUGH THE STREETS OF THE TOWN YESTERDAY. HUNDREDS of Muslims in Blackburn turned out for an annual procession marking the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson yesterday. Shia Muslims in Blackburn took part in the procession from Addison Street to Montague Steet and Preston New Road which was organised by the Shia Islamic Centre. The ritual is known as Ashura, and is celebrated on the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram, the first month of the lunar calendar. It marks the death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Holy Prophet in 680 AD in Karbala, near Baghdad in Iraq. He was killed by political rivals alongside an army of 72 men. Hussein's body was mutilated, leading to his maryrdom. The death of Hussein is the event which led to the split in Islam between the two sects of the Shias and the Sunnis. Imtiaz Naziar, a member of the orgaising committee, said: “This is a very important annual event for the community and it has great significance for us.” Andleeb Raze, 30, who lives in Addison Street, said: “This is marked across the world.” Lyndsey Livesey, 31, who also lives on the street, said: “It’s a brilliant event and it's very interesting to learn different cultures.”

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Amrit Marajh, 28, of Brooklyn, was arrested on charges of assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime

Thug charged with hate crime after he brutally attacked Orthodox Jewish man at random in 'Knockout Game'

  • Amrit Marajh, 28, of Brooklyn, was arrested on charges of assault as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime
  • He is alleged to have punched Shmuel Perl, an Orthodox Jewish man, in the face
  • Police are investigating if it was a so-called 'Knockout Game' assault, in which the object is to knock out an unsuspecting person with one punch
New York City police have arrested a man on charges of assault as a hate crime after a 24-year-old Orthodox Jewish man was punched in the face.
Police are investigating whether it was part of a so-called ‘Knockout Game’ assault, in which the object is to knock out an unsuspecting person with one punch.
Amrit Marajh, 28, of Brooklyn, had just left a bar at around 2:45a.m. on Friday with three friends and was talking about boxing when the topic of the knockout game came up, police sources said.
Victim Shmuel Pearl, left, pictured leaving the 66th precinct police station in Brooklyn on Friday and, right, his alleged attacker Amrit Marajh

Shmuel Perl, 24, said that he overheard his alleged attackers daring each other to punch him out just before he was actually assaulted

Dissolving Sweden: 4,000 new Muslim refugees every month

Where are they going to put all those people? And their children...?

"Swedish authorities can not cope with the amount of refugees.

In September the Swedish government decided that all refugees from Syria must be offered permanent residence. Since then a record amount of refugees have arrived in Sweden putting the migration authorities under pressure

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Sunday, November 24, 2013



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Halal food certification funds terrorism

Plaster the anti-Halal stickers everywhere and help educate Aussies about the creeping attack on our food supply. Get the word out on the street. Stick these striking stickers on shop windows, shop shelves, bus stops, on community noticeboards, in shops, outside shops, on buses….anywhere people will see them. Let’s get people thinking. Aussies need to be aware of the creeping Islamization of our nation…and Halal certification is just one of the weapons they are using against us.
What is Halal food?
The koran (the Islamic equivalent of the bible…and full of commands to kill non-muslims) commands that food consumed by muslims should be halal…that is, prepared and killed according to sharia law. They must slit the throat of live animals without stunning them. As they kill the beast using this cruel method they must face Mecca and say Bismallah…meaning Bless this food Allah! The beast dies a slow, tortured death as it bleeds out.
However, the koran also says that it is permissible for muslims to eat food prepared by infidels if there is no other choice. All they have to do is recite the prayer over it. Nothing more. There is no need for halal certification to make food acceptable for them to eat.
The certification scheme is a scam, and their methods for convincing companies to pay the illegal tax on our food are very similar to those employed by the Mafia. Pay up, or nasty things will happen. Yet thousands of our everyday products are now halal certified. To find out which products they are, visit this website:
Is this what Australians stand for?
Of course not! Get as many sheets of stickers as you like and start sticking them all over Australia.
All money from sticker sales goes towards printing the stickers, mailing them out, and eventually I will buy bus and TV advertizing to spread the word. Do your bit to help raise awareness of the halal certification rort!


Muslim arrested in “knock-out” game of Brooklyn Jew…

Muslim arrested in “knock-out” game of Brooklyn Jew…

by: Benjamin Franklin

Redflagnews -Name of suspect has just been released – Marajh Amrit
From NBCNews.com, “Suspect charged with hate crime in possible ‘knockout’ assault in Brooklyn”:
Police said a suspect has been arrested and charged with a hate crime for assaulting a man on a Brooklyn street early Friday in an attack that may have been part of a so-called “knockout game.”
The 24-year-old victim, who is white and Jewish, said he overheard the people who attacked him talking about the knockout game before they punched him in the face on 18th Avenue in Boro Park.
Marajh Amrit, 28, has been charged with two counts of a hate crime and third-degree assault, police said. Four men were held in connected with the assault…


Denmark, Copenhagen: Muslim man goes on "Stabbing Jihad" on subway

Copenhagen Police now looking for the man Friday at 15:14 totally gratuitous went crazy with a knife in a subway train in New Ellebjerg Station in Copenhagen.

- The offender boarded the train at Amarken Station and stood on the train and waited for a bit. He then took a large knife and went through the compartment carrying a knife in his right hand. As he passed the 19-year-old man who was extremely aisle, he put him unmotivated in the left thigh and then threatened him with the knife in front of his face, police said in a statement.

Knivstikkeren stack subsequently by the New Ellebjerg Station.

The man is described as Arabic or Middle Eastern appearance, 20-25 years old, with black curly hair and a small thin mustache. He was wearing dark shoes, dark pants and a dark hooded sweatshirt with the words Sievi or SEVE. police can be contacted on 114