Sunday, November 24, 2013

Denmark, Copenhagen: Muslim man goes on "Stabbing Jihad" on subway

Copenhagen Police now looking for the man Friday at 15:14 totally gratuitous went crazy with a knife in a subway train in New Ellebjerg Station in Copenhagen.

- The offender boarded the train at Amarken Station and stood on the train and waited for a bit. He then took a large knife and went through the compartment carrying a knife in his right hand. As he passed the 19-year-old man who was extremely aisle, he put him unmotivated in the left thigh and then threatened him with the knife in front of his face, police said in a statement.

Knivstikkeren stack subsequently by the New Ellebjerg Station.

The man is described as Arabic or Middle Eastern appearance, 20-25 years old, with black curly hair and a small thin mustache. He was wearing dark shoes, dark pants and a dark hooded sweatshirt with the words Sievi or SEVE. police can be contacted on 114

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  1. Ok how do you know he did this in the name of islam. Are the kids playing the knock out game doing it in the name of reigion?