Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Germany: Radical Muslims dress up as "Rockers" to fool the Infidel and to push Islam

 Germany: Radical Muslims dress up as "Rockers" to fool the Infidel and to push Islam

Jetzt kommen die Salafisten-Rocker

Enlarge The folder copy the cowls design of the Hells Angels: Now come the Salafist Rocker
Only the pants does not fit: Otherwise this looks like a Salafist Rocker
Bonn - From a distance they look like Hells Angels ...
The strong men wear a red logo on the wide cross. Two white semicircles hold an icon in their midst. Hooded jackets like Rocker cowls!
So watch the Salafis now their events.
Saturday lunch in Bonn. The well-known hate-preacher Pierre Vogel (35) has launched its supporters in the district of Tannenbusch. On a truck, he tells the story of Islam. Around 200 people came. Almost as many police officers watch the event.

Enlarge Pierre Vogel on a stage before an audience
Pierre Vogel swaggered around 200 followers

Photo: Mario youth
Most notable are the folders. Under the rocker group design is "Street Dawah" - a term used by Salafis for distributing Korans. These bold the number "47". Perhaps an allusion to the sura 47 of the Qur'an.
In it, is called to the "infidels" in the battle down to fight. Also, their works would destroy Allah.
For the police , the rocker-Shirts are new. "The fact that Salafis as Hells Angels run around, we have never seen," said an official told Bild.

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