Sunday, December 8, 2013

Second post from a friend of CDL Christian from Syria "Max"

Second post from a friend of CDL Christian from Syria "Max"

( Nothing in this communication has been changed)
 it's long story , and need many days with chat

but i know all countries afraid from these monster to back , for that they send massage to syrian government for help to kill them here , and maybe they have something under the table now...

but the problem what united nation do , they chose form syrian people and send them to Europe and these people they live already in the desert or i can say almost they are from there and most of them they have in his mind that devil what's call al qaida it's mean by small support to these people they begin to change to that monster , i try to write my name and family name as Catholic christian family but they don't register our names , from all christian they take only Syriacs , and they are already small in Syria and chose Muslim and let him travel to Europe

this big subject and i try to let anyone Research and investigation for this but no one need to lesson

for the nun's , i think tomorrow Syrian Army will finish to clean mallola from these monster and maybe they have information where they are now and try to save them , we pray for nun's life and also there is around 20 Girls Orphanage with nun's , may our lord save them all and give the power to our army to finish terrorism in Mallola fast , These barbarians attacked and they are estimated in the thousands monster , and our army there maximum like 100 Soldier , so what can they do first day they kill 27 Soldier from our army and the have new weapon they get from The approval from Obama from Saudi Arabia

and last thing i must say now for two reason , first, i don't know for tomorrow if i stay alive and because i read what the media in the west wright ,,,, Hezbollah now with the Syrian army fighting al-Qaeda in Syria also we have christian man in our army , this many words you can't read in west media , they showing Iran it's the devil but the truth the king of devil he's in Saudi Arabia

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