Tuesday, December 3, 2013

UK: "Traitor May" to outline "anti-extremism" plans with no mention of Islam.

 But of course not Muslim Grooming and rape this will be aimed at the EDL and other patriotic groups

Theresa May to outline "anti-extremism" plans

Theresa May  
Theresa May will decide which of the taskforce's plans to adopt
Home Secretary Theresa May is to set out measures to tackle extremism and radicalism, following the findings of a taskforce set up by the government after the killing of soldier Lee Rigby.
Among the recommendations are powers to ban groups that preach hatred.
The taskforce also suggests those who spread extremist views should be dealt with in the same way as people who commit anti-social behaviour.
And it says there could be help for areas with "integration challenges".(LOL)
Prime Minister David Cameron set up the cabinet-level Extremism Task Force in June, following the killing of Fusilier Rigby in Woolwich, south-east London, in May.
Its recommendations include:
  • giving the home secretary powers to ban groups that preach hatred, if that is what the police advise
  • consulting on whether people who attempt to spread extremist views should be treated in the same way as those who indulge in anti-social behaviour, such as being banned from getting in touch with those whom they are seeking to radicalise and prevented from entering schools or colleges 

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